Old Chris Podcast Vol 4

Old Chris, Young Chris, Classy Chris, MF Chris, Old Young Classy Chris, are just some of the names our good friend and veteran NYC Soul DJ, Chris Barrett goes by. Luckily for us, Chris took a minute away from his laborious schedule of reinvention to bring us a mix of epic proportions. Culled from Chris‘ extensive collection of first rate soul 45s – this mix boasts a potpourri of mid-tempo floaters, and heavy low-rider ballads; the kind of tunes that have made Chris a fixture on the Slow Soul Scene. Catch him at his regular gigs here in Brooklyn: Truly Yours (Every Thursday at The Great Georgiana), and Knights of the Round Tables (Every third Friday at The Commodore – along with fellow purveyors of the “Slow Sound” Mr. Fine Wine and Mikey Post).  A perfect mix for warm-weather Get Downs, or late-nite Stay Ins. Download