The sound of The Budos may be challenging for some to describe, but to the band, “Staten Island instrumental afro-soul” means internalizing such seemingly disparate influences as the Cairo Jazz Band, J.C. Davis, Mulatu Astatke, and Black Sabbath and coming together to form a mind-bending combination of rhythm and melody. Tours have spanned the US, Canada, and Europe, playing rock clubs and large festival stages. At any given Budos show, one might see b-boys break dancing to the band’s funk and hip-hop beats; record junkies nodding their heads to the soul-infused melodies; metal heads thrashing to the dark and ominous guitar and bass riffs; and general music lovers who eagerly attend Budos shows and smile approvingly at the melting pot of music that takes place. Simply put, The Budos kill the live show and with each record, their ability to put the energy, sweat, and passion of the live experience to wax increases.


DAP-1023 The Budos Band Up From The South b/w T.I.B.W.F. Daptone 45
DAP-1027 The Budos Band The Budos Band Daptone 45
DAP-1051 The Budos Band Kakal b/w The Hidden Hand Daptone 45
DAP-005-LP The Budos Band Self-Titled Daptone LP
DAP-011-LP The Budos Band II Daptone LP
DAP-020-LP The Budos Band III Daptone LP
DAP-034-LP The Budos Band Burnt Offering Daptone LP