DAP-001Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsDap DippinDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-002Sugarman 3Pure Cane SugarDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-003The Mighty ImperialsThunder ChickenDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-004Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsNaturallyDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-005The Budos BandSelf-TitledDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-006Sugarman 3Sugar's BoogalooDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-007The Poets Of RythymPractice What You PreachDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-008Sugarman 3Soul DonkeyDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-009The DaktarisSoul ExplosionDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-010Bob & GeneIf This World Were MineDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-011The Budos BandIIDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-012Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings100 Days 100 NightsDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-014Como NowThe Voices Of Panola County MississippiDatponeLP / CD / Digital
DAP-015Menahan Street BandMake The Road By WalkingDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-016Naomi Shelton & The Gospel QueensWhat Have You Done My BrotherDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-017Pax NicholasNa Teef Know The Road Of TeefDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-018Various ArtistsDaptone GoldDaptone2xLP / CD / Digital
DAP-019Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsI Learned The Hard WayDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-020The Budos BandIIIDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-021Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsI Learned The Hard Way - 45 Box SetDaptone11 x 45
DAP-022Charles BradleyNo Time For DreamingDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-023El RegoEl Rego Et Ses Commandos (With Bonus 45rpm Record)DaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-024Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsSoul Time!DaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-025Charles BradleyNo Time For Dreaming - The InstrumentalsDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-026Sugarman 3What The World Needs Now Is LoveDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-027The Como MamasGet An UnderstandingDaptone2xLP / CD / Digital
DAP-028AntibalasAntibalasDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-029Menahan Street BandThe CrossingDaptone / DunhamLP / CD / Digital
DAP-030Poets Of RhythmAnthology 1992-2003DaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-031Charles BradleyVictim Of LoveDaptone / DunhamLP / CD / Digital
DAP-032Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsGive The People What They WantDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-033Naomi Shelton & The Gospel QueensCold WorldDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-034The Budos BandBurnt OfferingDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-035Saun & StarrLook CloserDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-036Daptone Gold IIDaptone Gold IIDaptone2xLP / CD / Digital
DAP-037Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsIt's A Holiday Soul PartyDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-038The Dap-KingsA Closer Look at the Dap-Kings: the Instrumentals Behind Saun & Starr's "Look Closer"DaptoneLPRecord Store Day 2018
DAP-039Walker Family SingersPanola County SpiritDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-040The James Hunter SixHold On!DaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-041Charles BradleyChangesDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-042The FrightnrsNothing More To SayDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-043Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsMiss Sharon Jones! SoundtrackDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-044The OlympiansThe OlympiansDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-045The Como MamasMove UpstairsDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-046AntibalasWhere The God's Are In PeaceDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-047Bob & GeneIf This World Were Mine... (Reissue)DaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-048The FrightnrsMore To Say VersionsDaptoneLP / Digital
DAP-049The DaktarisSoul Explosion (Reissue)DaptoneLP / Digital
DAP-050Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsSoul of a WomanDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-051The James Hunter SixWhatever It TakesDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-052Orquesta AkokánOrquesta AkokánDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-053The Sha La DasLove in the WindDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-054Charles BradleyBlack VelvetDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-055CochemeaAll My RelationsDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
DAP-057The Budos BandVDaptoneLP / CD / Digital
WCK-001The Mystery LightsThe Mystery LightsWickLP / CD / Digital
WCK-002Michael RaultIt's a New Day TonightWickLP / CD / Digital
WCK-003The Ar-KaicsIn This TimeWickLP / CD / Digital
WCK-004The Mystery LightsToo Much Tension!WickLP / CD / Digital
DAP-1001Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsGot a Thing On My Mind Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1002Lee Fields & the Dap-KingsGive Me a Chance Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1003Sugarman 3Funky So and So Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1004Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsMake It Good To Me b/w Casella WalkDaptone45
DAP-1005Charles Bradley + the Sugarman 3Take It As It Comes Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1006Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsGot To Be The Way It Is Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1007Naomi SheltonPromised Land b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1008The CompanyLa Culebra b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1009Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsWhat Have You Done For Me LatelyDaptone45
DAP-1010Lee Fields & the Sugarman 3Shot Down b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1011Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsPick It Up Lay It In The Cut b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1012Joseph Henry & the Mighty ImperialsI Never Found A Girl b/w The MatadorDaptone45
DAP-1014Charles Bradley & The BulletsNow That I'm Gone b/w Can't Stop Thinking About YouDaptone45
DAP-1015El Michaels AffairDetroit Twice b/w Too Late To Turn BackDaptone45
DAP-1016Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsGenuine Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1017Lee Fields & the Sugarman 3You Don't Know What You Mean b/w Could Have BeenDaptone45
DAP-1018The Mighty ImperialsThunder Chicken b/w Chico's BarnyardDaptone45
DAP-1019Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsWhat If We All Stopped Paying Taxes b/w This Land Is Your LandDaptone45
DAP-1020Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsHow Long Do I Have To Wait b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1021Charles Bradley & The BulletsThis Love Ain't Big Enough b/w Twilight EyesDaptone45
DAP-1022Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsJust Dropped In To See What Condition b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1023The Budos BandUp From The South b/w T.I.B.W.F.Daptone45
DAP-1024Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsMy Man Is A Mean Man b/w How Do I Let A Good Man DownDaptone45
DAP-1025Lee Fields & the Sugarman 3Stand-Up b/w InstrumentalDaptone45
DAP-1026Joseph HenryWho's The King (DESCO reissue)Daptone45
DAP-1027The Budos BandThe Proposition b/w Ghost WalkDaptone45
DAP-1028Bob & GeneYour Name b/w You Gave Me LoveDaptone45
DAP-1029Menahan Street BandMake The Road Before Walking b/w KarinaDaptone/Dunham45
DAP-1030Binky GriptiteWorld of Love b/w Stone Soul ChristmasDaptone45
DAP-1031Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsI'm Not Gonna Cry b/w Money Don't Make The ManDaptone45
DAP-1032Bob & GeneI Can Be Cool b/w You Don't Need MeDaptone45
DAP-1033Binky Griptite & the MellomaticsMellomatic Mood Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1034Charles BradleyThe World Is Going Up In Flames b/w Heartaches + PainDaptone45
DAP-1035Hank "Soul Man" MullenHe Upset Your Dreams b/w ListenDaptone45
DAP-1036Naomi Shelton & The Gospel QueensWhat Have You Done My Brother b/w Long RoadDaptone45
DAP-1037Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings100 Days 100 Nights b/w Settling InDaptone45
DAP-1038Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsTell Me Stereo b/w Mono MixDaptone45
DAP-1039 A/BEddie & ErnieBullets Don't Have Eyes b/w In These Tender MomentsDaptone45
DAP-1039 A/CEddie & ErnieBullets Don't Have Eyes b/w You Make My Life A Sunny DayDaptone45
DAP-1040Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings / Victor AxelrodHow Long Do I Have To Wait For You (Victor Axelrod Production) b/w How Long DUBDaptone45
DAP-1041Charles BradleyTelephone Song b/w Tired Of FightingDaptone45
DAP-1042Binky Griptite & the MellomaticsOne Time You're Mine b/w Tired Of FightingDaptone45
DAP-1043Binky GriptiteThe Stroll Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1044Naomi Shelton & Cliff DriverWind Your Clock b/w Talkin' Bout A Good ThingDaptone45
DAP-1045Menahan Street BandThe Wolf b/w Bushwick LullabyDaptone45
DAP-1046Darrell BanksDon't Know What To Do b/w My Love Is ReservedDaptone45
DAP-1047The 3 TitansC-O-L-L-E-G-E b/w Life Of A ScholarDaptone45
DAP-1048Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsAin't No Chimneys In The Projects b/w Binky's MessageDaptone45
DAP-1049Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsWhen I Come Home b/w InstrumentalDaptone45
DAP-1050The Budos Band + Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsReppirt Yad b/w MoneyDaptone45RSD Exclusive
DAP-1051The Budos BandKakal b/w Hidden HandDaptone45
DAP-1052Saun & StarrBig Wheel b/w In the NightDaptone45Exclusive to DAP-035 Box Set
DAP-1053Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsBetter Things b/w Window ShoppingDaptone45
DAP-1054Menahan Street BandThe Crossing b/w Every Day A DreamDaptone45
DAP-1055Charles BradleyNo Time For Dreaming b/w Golden RuleDaptone45
DAP-1056El RegoVimado Wingnan b/w E Nan Mian NukuDaptone45
DAP-1057Bob & GeneIt's Not What You Know b/w These Lonely NightsDaptone45
DAP-1058Charles BradleyEveryday Is Christmas b/w Mary's BabyDaptone45
DAP-1059Charles BradleyHeart Of Gold b/w In You I Found A LoveDaptone45
DAP-1060El RegoSe Na Min b/w E Mon Na Tin MeDaptone45Exclusive to El Rego LP Release
DAP-1061Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsHe Said I Can b/w It Hurts To Be AloneDaptone45
DAP-1062Bob & Gene ft. The InversionsI Can't Stand These Lonely Nights b/w Rub the LampDaptone45
DAP-1063Saun & StarrYour Face Before My Eyes b/w Something's ChangedDaptone45Exclusive to DAP-035 Box Set
DAP-1064Saun & StarrAnother Love Like Mine b/w If OnlyDaptone45Exclusive to DAP-035 Box Set
DAP-1065Charles BradleyStay Away b/w Run It BackDaptone45
DAP-1066Sugarman 3Dirty Water b/w BushwackedDaptone45
DAP-1067AntibalasDirty Money b/w A.W.O.L.Daptone45
DAP-1068Menahan Street BandLights Out b/w Keep Coming BackDaptone45
DAP-1069Bus People ExpressAugusta Georgia (Here I Come) b/w South CarolinaDaptone45
DAP-1070Charles BradleyStrictly Reserved for You b/w Let's Give Love a ChanceDaptone45
DAP-1071The ImpressionsRhythm b/w Star BrightDaptone45
DAP-1072Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsPeople Don't Get What They Deserve b/w Slow Down, LoveDaptone45Exclusive to GTPWTW Pre-Order
DAP-1073Charles BradleyConfusion b/w Where Do We Go From HereDaptone45
DAP-1074Saun & StarrSunshine (You're Blowing My Cool) b/w Dear Mr. TeddyDaptone45Exclusive to DAP-035 Box Set
DAP-1075Saun & StarrHot Shot b/w Gonna Make TimeDaptone45
DAP-1076 (DUN-115)Charles Bradley ft. The Budos BandChanges b/wDaptone/Dunham45
DAP-1077Sha La DasSha La Da La La (Christmas Time) b/w I Wish ChristmasDaptone45
DAP-1078Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsCalamity b/w Ain't NobodyDaptone45Authorized Dealer Exclusive
DAP-1079Naomi Shelton & The Gospel QueensSinner b/w Everybody KnowsDaptone45
DAP-1080Charles Bradley + LaRose JacksonLuv Jones b/w Change, Change, ChangeDaptone45
DAP-1081The RelativesDon't Let Me Fall b/w Leave Something WorthwileDaptone45
DAP-1082AntibalasTattletale Part 1 b/w Tattletale Part 2Daptone45
DAP-1083Naomi Davis Shelton & the Knights of Forty First StreetForty First Street Breakdowne b/w CatapultDesco45Exclusive to Cold Water LP Release
DAP-1084The Como Mamas ft. the Radiant Rhythm BandCome Out The Wilderness b/w Well, Well Don't You WorryDaptone45
DAP-1085The Budos BandBurnt Offering b/w SeizureDaptone45
DAP-1086Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsJust Another Christmas Song b/w Big BulbsDaptone45
DAP-1087Saun & StarrLook Closer b/w Blah, Blah, Blah, BlahDaptone45
DAP-1088The Budos BandMagus Mountain b/w VertigoDaptone45
DAP-1089Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsLittle Boys With Shiny Toys b/w Inst.Daptone45Exclusive to RSD 2015
DAP-1090Poets Of RhythmPath Of Life b/w Smilin' While You're CryingDaptone45
DAP-1091The FrightnrsI'd Rather Go Blind b/w VERSIONDaptone45
DAP-1092The James Hunter SixIf I Only Knew b/w HeartbreakDaptone45
DAP-1093Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings8 Days Of Hanukah b/w What Does Hanukah MeanDaptone45
DAP-1094The James Hunter SixSomething's Calling b/w Talkin' 'Bout My LoveDaptone45
DAP-1095Charles BradleyChange for the World b/w RevelationsDaptone45
DAP-1096The James Hunter SixHold On! b/w CarinaDaptone45
DAP-1097Bob & Gene ft. The InversionsI Can Be Cool b/w VersionDaptone45
DAP-1098Sha La DasThose Years are Over b/w Open My EyesDaptone45
DAP-1099The Budos BandAvalanche b/w MaelstromDaptone45
DAP-1100The Family DaptoneHey Brother b/w Soul FugueDaptone45
DAP-1101The FrightnrsDispute b/w VersionDaptone45
DAP-1102The OlympiansSirens of Jupiter b/w Apollo's MoodDaptone45
DAP-1103Sharon Jones & the E. L. Fields Gospel WondersHeaven Bound b/w Key to the KingdomDaptone45Exclusive to RSD
DAP-1104The Como MamasMove Upstairs b/w Count Your BlessingsDaptone45
DAP-1105AntibalasChe Che Cole (Makosa) b/w Che Che ColeDaptone45
DAP-1106Bob & Gene ft. The InversionsIt's Not What You Know b/w VersionDaptone45
DAP-1107The FrightnrsPurple b/w VersionDaptone45Exclusive to More to Say LP Pre-Order
DAP-1108The FrightnrsLookin' for My Love b/w VersionDaptone45Exclusive to More to Say LP Pre-Order
DAP-1109The FrightnrsGotta Find a Way b/w VersionDaptone45Exclusive to More to Say LP Pre-Order
DAP-1110Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsMatter Of Time b/w When I Saw Your FaceDaptone45
DAP-1111James Hunter SixI Don't Wanna Be Without You b/w I Got EysDaptone45
DAP-1112Orquesta AkokánMambo Rapidito b/w Un Tabaco para EleguaDaptone45
DAP-1115Charles Bradley ft. The InversionsWhatcha Doing (To Me) b/w Strike ThreeDaptone45
DAP-1116The Dap-KingsTear it Down (ft. Sharon Jones) b/w The Collection SongDaptone45
DAP-1117CochemeaSong of Happiness b/w Stranded in Space…Daptone45
DAP-1118Doug ShortsCasual Encounter b/w Keep Your Head UpDaptone45
DAP-1120MiramarSalida b/w UrgenciaDaptone45
DAP-1121The FrightnrsNever Answer b/w Questions (Dub)Daptone45
WCK-1001The Mystery LightsToo Many Girls b/w Too Tough to BearWick Records45
WCK-1002The Ar-KaicsJust My Life b/w It's Her EyesWick Records45
WCK-1003The Jay VonsWant You Tomorrow b/w Did You See HerWick Records45
WCK-1004The Fame-BeatsDon't Tell No Lies b/w The Watford StompWick Records45
WCK-1005Mark SultanLet me Out b/w Be the BloodWick Records45
WCK-1006T. Benny & The Buzz BrothersGimme a Buzz b/w The DoughtWick Records45
WCK-1007Benny TrokanToo Far Gone b/w Turn Back You FoolWick Records45
WCK-1008The Mystery LightsThick Skin b/w In the DarknessWick Records45
WCK-1009TBATBAWick Records45