The Sugarman 3 are an organ driven soul machine. Originally formed by tenor saxophonist Neal Sugarman as a Boogaloo combo, this band quickly defined it’s sound as a break from the academics of typical soul-jazz by focusing on the soulful funk element of organ music and avoiding the affectations and clichés which too often alienate jazz musicians from the dancefloor crowd.


DAP-1003Sugarman 3Funky So and So Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1005Charles Bradley + Sugarman 3Take It As It Comes Part 1 & 2Daptone45
DAP-1010Lee Fields & Sugarman 3Shot Down b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1017Lee Fields & Sugarman 3You Don't Know What You Mean b/w Could Have BeenDaptone45
DAP-1025Lee Fields & Sugarman 3Stand-Up b/w Inst.Daptone45
DAP-1066Sugarman 3Dirty Water b/w BushwackedDaptone45
DAP-002-LPSugarman 3Pure Cane SugarDaptoneLP
DAP-006-LPSugarman 3Sugar's BoogalooDaptoneLP
DAP-008-LPSugarman 3Soul DonkeyDaptoneLP
DAP-026-LPSugarman 3What The World Needs Now Is LoveDaptoneLP