The Company - La Culebra Pt. 1 & II

The Company - La Culebra Pt. 1 & II

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La Culebra slithers over the sand, between the rocks, past the cactus.  Under the burning desert sun she moves forward, slowly, patiently, seeking her next victim.  It is then that you notice something moving. A stick perhaps? A shadow twisting toward you on the sand. But it's too late. La Culebra strikes, emptying her venomous into you through long dagge-like fangs.  The jagged pain soon gives way to an almost hypnotic numbness as you feel your extremities gradually free themselves of your control. As your veins quickly fill with her intoxicationg tonic you begin wirthing, shaking, contorting uncontrollably. The outside world slowly fades away leaving you alone with the sound of your own heart beating into your ears. And as her venom jerks and tugs sharply at your limbs, you feel your body surrender completely to her, an obedient puppet performing this final dance for La Culebra.

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