Daptone Auction Fundraiser

We at Daptone stand in unity with protestors across the country whose outrage at this country’s seemingly endless racist violence has boiled over. The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery cannot be seen as outliers due to individual bad actors, but rather just the most recent acts to be caught on camera in a pattern of systemic violence toward people of color that has been the shame of our country since the first Native American was slaughtered by European immigrants five hundred years ago. It’s time for us to look in the mirror as a country and face up not only to our history but more urgently to the rampant state of racism around us today. Only the privileged among us have had the luxury to look away. If we refuse to see this painful truth, if we do not shine the brightest light upon it, if we tolerate this status quo and don’t fight against it with all our power, we become complicit in these crimes. Let this be the moment when we all say “enough.” Not just the protesters and activists, among us, but the police, politicians, judges, business owners, teachers, and those of us who work at record labels. We must not settle for a racist America. We can and must overcome this sickness, not with violence, but with action, and above all, with love for our fellow man.

Black Lives Matter.

As a token of support, we are auctioning off a number of original Daptone test pressings, the proceeds of which will be donated in their entirety to the following organizations: The Movement For Black Lives & The Bail Project. Daptone will be matching the final price on all items sold.

All auction items: www.ebay.com/usr/daptonerecords


Gabriel Roth
Neal Sugarman
Andy Maltz
Mikey Post
Nick Wiedner
Simon Guzman
Nydia Davila

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